Lasana Kanneh’s Discography:


  • Liberian Acapella: We Still Have Joy! 1998
  • Liberian Acapella: Amazing Grace 1998
  • Liberian Acapella: Joy to the World 2000
  • Liberian Acapella: Keep on Trusting 2001
  • African Gospel Acappella: For Me to Live is Christ 2003
  • African Gospel Acappella: Yulo Mun Woloh 2004
  • African Gospel Acappella: Amazing Grace 2009
  • IJenNeh: All Things Bright 2008
  • IJenNeh: One Thing I Ask 2011
  • Portland Folk: An Anthology from the Portland Folk Music Society: Track 2 “Mayenziwe” Artist IJenNeh 2011

Selected Highlights

  • Performance at Grand ol Oprey/Liberian Acapella 1999
  • NPR Special/African Gospel Acappella 2004
  • Voice of America Special/African Gospel Acappella 2004
  • Portland Art Museum”After Hours Concert”/African Gospel Acappella 2004
  • Fish 104 Gospel Group Winner, Clackamas Fair/IJenNeh 2009
  • Fish 104 Gospel Solo Winner, Clackamas Fair/IJenNeh 2010

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